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How BIG is Google, Really?

Just after a few years of being a mere startup in 1997, Google literally burst onto the scene. This might be a little exaggeration, but as of today, with Google’s all-inclusive projects (Google Car, Project LoonandProject Soli to name some few, not to forget Google X research facility and its numerous investments in different companies), Google has itself become ‘the scene’.
Now we know Google was an amazing product by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and today it is one of the biggest brands on earth, but we wonder how big is Google? After several failed business deals, Google created quite an empire in Silicon Valley. Let’s see how Big it is. As of now Google is not just a search engine but is working on a range of projects as I mentioned a few of those above. Google has over years build or annexed technologies (companies) to become Alphabet. Here are a few notable technologies under Google that strive to make the world a simpler place: 1. AndroidAfter acquiring Android in 2005 for $50 milli…

The ‘Muscle of the Soul’ may be Triggering Your Fear and Anxiety

The psoas major muscle (pronounced “so-as”) is often referred to as the deepest core, or as yoga therapist and film-maker Danielle Olson states, the “muscle of the soul.” This core-stabilizing muscle located near the hip bone affects mobility, structural balance, joint function, flexibility, and much more. In addition to its function to help keep the body upright and moving, the psoas is believed to allow you to connect with the present moment especially when it is stretched out and tension is released from the body. Research indicates that the psoas is vital to our psychological wellbeing in addition to structural health. Liz Koch, author of The Psoas Book, states that our psoas “literally embodies our deepest urge for survival, and more profoundly, our elemental desire to flourish.” This means that there is a lot more to the psoas than one might initially think. It is entirely possible to harness healing pranic energy and improve mental health by keeping the psoas healthy. Where is th…

If G is For Google, What Do the Remaining “Alphabets” in A-Z Mean?

Short Bytes: In Google’s restructuring blog post and the announcement of Alphabet, it was told that G stands for Google. But, what do the remaining alphabets in A-Z mean? Here’s the complete list of Google products to help you out. The recentrestructuring of the tech giant Google under a larger company Alphabet, that was announced on Monday, has come up with a lot of news and controversies associated with it. It’s being reported that BMW claims to own the Alphabet trademark and it’s the owner domain name. The co-founders of Google  Larry Page and Sergey Brin, will now look after Alphabet while Google will be handled by the previous senior vice president Sundar Pichai, who will take over as the new CEO. We bring to you the interesting story behind the name of Alphabet. Alphabet deals in a wide range of moonshot products and internet services. The origin of Alphabet is linked to the different services and products that are offered by Alphabet, previously Google. Find a list …


Some say it's good to keep busy, and that has some truth to it. But are you keeping busy because it's hard for you to handle 'nothingness?' If that's the case, busy is just another form of escape from something we have yet to face and let go of...

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How to Disable Facebook Autoplay Videos?

If I am not mistaken, Facebook is irritating many of us with its auto-play video feature. So, here I am, writing an article on how to disable Facebook autoplay videos. You can disable Facebook autoplay videos on your PC as well as smartphone.
Disable Facebook Autoplay Videos on PC:Click the drop-down menu at the top-right corner and go to SettingsNow click on Videos located at the left bottom.Now you will find your auto-play videos as default, you can disable auto-play from here. Disable Facebook Autoplay Videos on Smartphone:Tap on Settings bar.Scroll down to the bottom and tap on App Settings.Again scrolling to the bottom you will find Video Auto-Play. Now you can set it accordingly.

The Darknet

Do you know about the Darknet and TOR? Here’s an interesting piece of information if you are interested in the web security and related niche.  The internet you use and the websites your browse – these are just a fraction of the entire web. Some of you would be knowing this widely popular fact about the hidden world of Darknet. But, your knowledge shouldn’t be limited to this fact. So, we are here to tell you more about this underground world for the “underground”. The Darknet can’t be accessed using the regular web browser and internet connection. You can access this by using encryption mechanisms like TOR or some other password protected forums. Many of you would be aware that the TOR network (The Onion Router) was developed by the United States Navy Research Laboratory in 1990’s to communicate securely and its code was later released under a free license. By configuring your TOR browser,  you can access the Darknet websites. Apart from being a means to express your views freely, whistl…

Best Antivirus Software for Windows PCs

Short Bytes: Reputed antivirus testing house AV-Test has released the latest results of the best antivirus software for Windows. Take a look at the complete list below. You must have read our list oftop 10 antivirus solutions for the PCs that suggests you the best free antivirus solutions. If you are keen to keep your computer safe from virus attacks and you care about the online security, here is a great piece of news for you. AV-Test is one of the leading antivirus testing firms and it has released its February antivirus ratings for the Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 PCs. The test has assessed about 27 anti-malware software suits on the basis of protection, usability, and performance. The results of the tests aren’t surprising as Microsoft is once again at the bottom. So, if you’re using Microsoft’s built-in security solution, you need to reconsider your choices. Best antivirus for Windows 7:Bitdefender’s antivirusis the number one security solution available and it secured the maximum of 6 …